biodataVarada was born and brought up in Warananagar where she got her first inspiration in music at the famous “Warana Children’s Orchestra”. With the active encouragement of her parents she learnt the basics of music under the disciplined guidance of Hon. Late Shankarrao Kulkarni and Hon. Shri Walawalkar.

As a result of sincere and dedicated effort in early childhood, she learnt different instruments like Santoor, Jaltarang, Sitar, Harmonium, Violin, etc. However, she developed a special interest and skill in the Santoor.

After her marriage, Varada entered the Khadilkar family of Sangli as Mrs. Varada Nitin Khadilkar. Coincidentally, the Khadilkar family also had a reputation in classical music by virtue of the Late Smt Indirabai Khadilkar who was a famous classical singer of Indian Drama of her era. She gave Varada

immense support and guidance to continue the pursuit of music.

A few years later Varada was fortunate to get introduced to the great Santoor maestro of India Pt. Ulhas Bapat. It was her good fortune that Pt. Ulhas Bapat accepted her as his shishya. Under the fellowship of Pt. Ulhas Bapatji Varada follows the same style of tuning the Santoor in chromatic structure as her guru, who is the inventor of this system of tuning the Santoor. Varada is also taking guidance from the well-known Sitar player Shri Rafiq Nadaf  of Sangli.

With the guidance and support of all these masters Varada is building her career as one of the few leading female Santoor players in India. She is also an approved Santoor artist of Akashwani (All India Radio).

To follow her Guru’s steps in producing intricate “layakari” and ‘Taal with Taiyari” Is her moto.